Tell Us About You 
Inspired Automation tackles virtually all container loading applications, however, there are times when
   our machinery is clearly indicated. Here are some items to address when considering our machinery:
   First of all, we build automatic FILLING machinery. This means we automatically load discrete amounts
   of product into your container(s). We can provide a complete packaging line, or a simple semi-automatic
   unit. To enable us to better serve your needs, please take a minute to read and click on the envelope to
   submit answers to these few questions:
  What Kind of product do you need to fill?
  What containers are we filling (type and size(s)?
  What are the weights or counts in the final package?
  Does your product tend to "nest" (tangle up, not free flowing)?
  Is your packaging automated now or is it done by hand?
  Do you require alignment of your product in the container?
  What range of the product you want to package (shapes/sizes)?
  How fast (packages per minute) does the system need to operate?
  Floor level loading, or is loading to an elevated hopper satisfactory?
  Hand presentation of empty container or automatic?
  How do you want to load your product into our machinery?
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   Please click on the envelope above
   to fill out our webform and submit it
   to our sales department.