Inspired Automation designs and manufactures filling, counting and weighing machinery. These systems meter bulk material into accurate quantities, placing each discrete amount into a variety of containers.  

We build, with the strict use of scales as count or weight indicators. We want to keep our task simple, remain innovative and lead in specific areas of product loading.

This policy has allowed us the freedom to pursue proficiency and diversity where we believe we have the widest range of feeding systems available. Inspired Automation has patented its popular Tandem Design, a valuable asset to our company and a benefit to the industry as a method of batching accuracy and versatility.

We build the machinery simple, trouble free, and not overly technical without just cause. Above all, we like our equipment rugged and reliable, simple to comprehend and useable by all employees. Our focus benefits our customers since essentially Inspired Automation's material handling know-how and eagerness to design, enables us to provide adept problem solving to packaging and product loading tasks.

Every business has a different product and each marketing department strives for a unique container. We accommodate and solve these loading problems.

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